Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Was this police officer given a haymaker concussion by Victor Fiorentini?

This is the picture of one of the alleged injuries sustained by APD officer Aron Bryan, which according to her resulted in a concussion. The other injury she reported was a sprained ankle (no picture available).

Officer Cortney Bailey testified that she was only five to seven feet away from Bryan when she saw Fiorentini strike her with his fist.
This appears to contradict Bailey's statement to a correctional officer when he asked, "Pop her pretty hard?"

If it is Bailey on the audio, she apparently said, "I didn't see the actual hit. I mean, I didn't (see) him go up on her...but I mean...I knew...I mean I saw her trying to grab his (arm and) he was fightin'."

According to Fiorentini, he was convicted of only twisting Bailey's ankle and not striking her. Fiorentini denies he attacked her ankle.


Anonymous said...

i don't see any injuries.. she doesnt even seem to be in any distress.

Anonymous said...

Lol lance I must say you and a garden rake are one in the same... A big giant tool!!! Lol it's quite funny that Office Bryan was just selected as Officer of the year for 2010!