Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Was this Veteran beaten by police on Veteran's Day?

Here is a picture of Victor Fiorentini who claims to have been beaten by members of the Abilene Police Dept. His skull was fractured and two molars broken. I will have more on this story later.

Fiorentini claims to never have struck Officer Bryan nor to have sprained her ankle. Is it possible she sprained it on Fiorentini when kicking him?

In testimony, Officer Cortney Bailey testified that she was about seven feet from Officer Bryan when Bailey saw her get punched with a fist.

This is apparently a contradiction to the audio that was made unbeknownst to Officer Bailey, a conversation she had with a Taylor County correctional officer, where she states that she actually never saw Fiorentini punch Officer Bryan. I will be making the audio available when I figure out how to do it.

Being that the Taylor County Citizens' Review Board is still in formation, I will give my personal view of the events:

Several police officers escorted Mrs. Fiorentini and her son to pick up their personal effects at the Fiorentini home, where she no longer lived at the time (they are back together and have a 17 month old baby). Victor Fiorentini ordered the police off his property nine times in a verbally aggressive
manner, which was for the most part professionally handled by Officer Bryan, except for some minor taunting on her part.

It would have been wise for the officers to have explained the law with regard to what they were wanting to do and what the rights of Mrs. Fiorentini were at the time, being that she was also a property owner.

When Fiorentini started seeing his son taking the home computer, Fiorentini tried to enter his home after throwing a lit cigar toward Byron (big mistake) but didn't hit her. He also called her a "cunt" (bigger mistake) and used other profanity.

Bryan physically kept Fiorentini from entering his own home by grabbing his arm, which he told her to remove. I am not a legal expert here, but due to Fiorentini's threatening tone, it appears to me that Byron's actions were for the most part warranted up to this point. Her and another officer's taunting a man under the influence of alcohol was not wise and aiding the son in taking the home computer may even have been illegal.

At this point there was a scuffle and Fiorentini ended up with a broken skull and two broken molars. Bryan's claims to have been hit in the head by Fiorentini may be true, but the picture of her doesn't show any apparent swelling. Officer Bailey's testimony of seeing Fiorentini hit Bryan contradicts the audio purported to be her, where she denies having seen the hit.

In addition, after reading the court transcripts, I don't understand how Fiorentini could have grabbed hold of Bryan's foot to twist in when both of his arms were being controlled by two other officers with Fiorentini laying on his left side pressed into the ground. Does Fiorentini have a third hand? The officers should have either cuffed Fiorentini rather than beat his face repeatedly, as the court transcipts of the officers claim...or they should not have beat his face repeatedly while Fiorentini was in handcuffs.

The fact that this part of the audio of the arrest was not made available smacks of coverup. Fiorentini claimed he was screaming for help at this point. WHERE IS THE AUDIO?

I believe Fiorentini should not have spoken in a threatening manner and should not have used profanity. I think the police should not have allowed the Fiorentini's son to take the home computer for that was a civil manner, they should have only been allowed to pick up their personal effects, such as clothes.

After reading the court transcripts and listening to an audio allegedly provided by the APD of the arrest (which appears to be severely edited), it is my personal conclusion that far more than legal and necessary force was used to arrest Fiorentini. Only one side of his face appears to be beaten and his claim to have been beaten while in handcuffs with his face pressed into the ground should be investigated.

I believe Fiorentini to have been the victim of a vicious beating at the hands of certain members of the Abilene P.D. The fact that Fiorentini's request for an internal investigation was denied by then Assistant Chief Stan Standridge is problematic to me as well.

When contacting Standridge for comment and asking for the officers' side of the story, Standridge said he would not comment on the case itself and would not allow the officer's to give their version, so I have to rely on court transcripts and police audio.

I will add that Chief Standridge was a consummate professional in dealing with me, and even though he strongly disagrees with my tactics, he communicated clearly, patiently and helped me to see why allowing the police officers to contact me and give their side of the story wasn't in the best interests of the Abilene P.D.

Had Fiorentini stayed in his seat, none of this would have happened. Had the APD not allowed Fiorenti's son to take the home computer, none of this would have happened. There were bad mistake made on both sides and I don't think a fractured skull and broken molars should have been part of the equation.

More to come on this when I learn how to post the audio and the PDF files of the court transcripts.

If anyone believes I don't have my facts straight, that someone has falsified the court transcripts or court audio, or that I am missing something, please do not hesitate to contact me at I will be happy to air any other eyewitness account, whether it be a citizen's or a law enforcement officer's.

Additionally, I intend to have a Taylor County Citizens' Review Board website independent of, I just need to find the time to get it online.


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Anonymous said...

Finding out about this cruelty breaks my heart and everytime I hear more about the abuse it makes me feel lots of different. I wish i could do something to stop it. Lance, I admire you so much for what you do and support you 100%.


Terri Varela said...

I think Lance knows how to report the news. Furthermore, the details regarding this particular case are clearly stated by the victim, brutally beaten by cops who apparently/ironically have no sense about the law.

If comments stated here are by "anonymous" readers looking to contribute to the discussion, then step-up and identify yourself. There is no shame in stating your "truth", even if it is "biased" in the FACE of FACTS.